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Halabja Currency Exchange is a global brand that has been processing international money transfers for many years. Our customers continue to use our services because of our consistent currency exchange in Toronto, ON. In addition, we offer free same day transfers and professional proactive service. We aggregate the requirements of our clients and have negotiated the best exchange rates with leading financial institutions.
We can accept funds from clients via wire transfer from any currency exchange location, and we are registered for online bill payment with select financial institutions, which allows you to transfer funds to us for free. Our experts offer sophisticated currency converter solutions and support from a team of foreign exchange specialists that can help you reduce exchange rates risk.
We also provide weekly foreign exchange news and forecasts to help you keep pace with currency trends. We are the only online foreign exchange provider in Toronto, ON that allows you to pay for your foreign currency using your credit card.
All of our clients have a dedicated relationship manager and currency exchange rates calculator. This gives our clients real peace of mind knowing they can call someone who knows both their business and the foreign exchange market.
Our clients have access to an online payment platform that is intuitive and easy to use. Once a transaction is in our system, we use our global footprint and close interbank relationships to complete it efficiently and cost effectively. This line of sight on the funds right through the process means clients can be confident their transaction will get to its destination securely and on time.
By collaborating with us, businesses are getting the experience of a global network and brand they can trust. 

Find out how our currency exchange services can help your business.

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